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Ocean Saline Nasal Spray Side Effects, Pregnancy Safety & Uses

What is sodium chloride-nasal spray, and how does it work (mechanism of action)?

  • Intranasal sodium chloride or saline solution is a purified salt solution
    used for wetting the nasal passages. It moisturizes the nose and helps dissolve
    and loosen thick mucus most often associated with the common cold. It is
    especially useful for clearing stuffy nasal passages in children who cannot blow
    their nose. Intranasal sodium chloride does not contain any active medication.

What brand names are available for sodium chloride-nasal spray?

Ocean, Ayr Saline, Humist, NaSal, Little Noses, Ocean
for Kids

Do I need a prescription for sodium chloride-nasal spray?



What are the uses for sodium chloride-nasal spray?

  • Intranasal sodium chloride is used for relieving nasal congestion and
  • It also is used as a pretreatment for nasal steroid administration.

What are the side effects of sodium chloride-nasal spray?

Intranasal sodium chloride rarely causes side effects. Side
effects of this product may include:

What is the dosage for sodium chloride-nasal spray?

  • The recommended dose for relieving nasal congestion and dryness is 2
    sprays per nostril as needed.
  • When used as a pretreatment prior to administering
    nasal steroids the recommended dose is 1 spray per nostril 2 to 6 times daily.

Which drugs or supplements interact with sodium chloride-nasal spray?

There are no drug interactions listed for this product.

Is sodium chloride-nasal spray safe to take if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • The risk of Intranasal sodium chloride
    harming the fetus is very low.
  • It is not distributed in
    breast milk.

What else should I know about sodium chloride-nasal spray?

What preparations of sodium chloride-nasal spray are available?

Nasal spray: 0.9, 3%

How should I keep sodium chloride-nasal spray stored?

Sodium chloride should be stored at room temperature between 15
C to 30 C
(59 F to 86 F).


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