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How Do I Get Rid of Intertrigo? Treatment & Cream for Skin Rash

What is intertrigo?

 What is an itch?

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Intertrigo is painful and itchy skin inflammation that occurs between skin folds, such as in the groin, buttocks, or between fat folds. Sometimes, bacteria can infect this irritated skin, worsening inflammation. Losing weight and applying various topical remedies – especially before gym workouts, jogging, or other exercises – can reduce the effects of intertrigo.

What are home remedies and treatment for intertrigo?

Treatment of uncomplicated intertrigo primarily involves changing those environmental factors that have predisposed the patient to the condition. Areas of involvement are covered with a mild topical steroid like 1% hydrocortisone cream, which is available without a prescription, and then covered with zinc oxide paste or ointment (Desitin).

What kind of doctor treats intertrigo?

Intertrigo can be diagnosed by most doctors purely on the basis of its appearance — a red rash affecting one or more intertriginous areas. If the condition does not respond to conventional treatments, then a referral should be made to a dermatologist.


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