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Phentermine (Adipex-P) Weight Loss Drug Side Effects & Dosage

What is phentermine?

Phentermine is a drug that suppresses appetite.

Why is phentermine prescribed to patients?

  • Phentermine is combined with
    diet and
    exercise for the
    short-term treatment of
    obesity in individuals with a body mass index greater
    than or equal to 30 kg/m2 or greater than or equal to 27 kg/m2 with risk factors
    for heart disease.
  • Phentermine should not be combined with other
    weight loss
  • The combination of phentermine and fenfluramine (FEN-PHEN) is associated
    with serious heart problems. Fenfluramine is no longer available in the United

Is phentermine available as a generic drug?


Do I need a prescription for phentermine?

It is a schedule IV controlled substance.

What brand names are available for phentermine?

  • Brand available in the US for phentermine are Adipex-P and Lomaira.
  • Discontinued brands are Fastin, Oby-Trim, Obestin-30, OnaMast, Tora, Obenix, Suprenza, and Wilpo.

What are the side effects of phentermine?

Side effects of phentermine include:

Central nervous system
side effects include:

Phentermine, especially when combined with fenfluramine, has been
associated with high pressures in the pulmonary arteries (pulmonary hypertension) and defects in heart valves, both serious complications.

and psychological dependence may occur with the long-term use of phentermine. A
withdrawal reaction, which includes excessive drowsiness, fatigue, tremors and
depression may occur after prolonged use.

What is the dosage for phentermine?

  • The recommended dose is 15-37.5 mg once daily.
  • Adipex-P is
    administered about 1-2 hours after breakfast.
  • The lowest effective dose should
    be used and evening doses should be avoided because phentermine causes

Which drugs or supplements interact with phentermine?

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Is phentermine safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

  • Use of phentermine
    pregnancy has not been adequately
  • It is not known whether phentermine is excreted in human
    breast milk. Since other amphetamines are excreted in breast milk, phentermine
    should not be used while
    breastfeeding or, if used,
    nursing should be

What else should I know about phentermine?

What preparations of phentermine are available?
  • Tablets: 8 and 37.5 mg.
  • Capsules: 15, 30,
    37.5 mg.
How should I keep phentermine stored?

Phentermine should be stored in a tight container at room
temperature, 20 C to 25 C (68 F to 77 F).

How does phentermine work?
  • The exact mechanism of action of phentermine is unknown. It probably decreases appetite by acting
    on centers in the brain that control appetite. Phentermine is similar to amphetamine. It stimulates the nervous system, elevates
    blood pressure, and
    increases heart rate.

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