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What Health Benefits Are Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Good For?

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is essentially fermented apple juice. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar gummies include weight loss, blood sugar control, and improved digestive health and eczema.
Apple cider vinegar is essentially fermented apple juice. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar gummies include weight loss, blood sugar control, and improved digestive health and eczema.

It’s no secret that the wellness community loves apple cider vinegar products as well as pure ACV itself. Even if you’ve never had a straight shot of the fermented liquid, you’ve probably heard about at least one of its proposed health benefits. People swear by its weight loss properties, its effect on blood sugar, and its ability to “detox” your body.

Apple cider vinegar is also a condiment that’s used in salad dressing. While it’s edible, many people don’t enjoy drinking it alone, and most would prefer to avoid the damage it can cause tooth enamel. 

Fortunately, apple cider vinegar gummies provide a safe, tasty, and convenient way for people to get the benefits of ACV without having to drink the liquid. Learn more about apple cider vinegar and understand how it can aid your health in gummy form.

Apple cider vinegar is essentially fermented apple juice. When yeast breaks down the natural sugars in apple juice, the juice turns into alcohol, just as grape juice changes into wine over time. 

If your alcohol is allowed to age further, bacteria in the mixture convert the alcohol into a substance called acetic acid. You’ll notice the result of this bacteria, as well as the yeast, working together to create an odd-looking substance in the bottom of ACV bottles known as the “mother”.

Can apple cider vinegar gummies improve your health?

Apple cider vinegar is often touted as a miracle in a bottle. Wellness practitioners and laypeople alike claim that ACV gummies, tablets, and liquids can reverse disease, aid weight loss, fix blood sugar issues, and cure allergies. Is this fact or wishful thinking? 

While there are some outlandish claims surrounding ACV and its uses, there are a few pieces of truth in the mix. Take a look at the most common claims about this supplement and gain a deeper understanding of the truth and myths about ACV.

Weight loss

Using ACV gummies for weight loss may sound strange, but there's some truth to this claim. While it’s not entirely factual that these gummies will help you drop pound after pound, studies have shown that ACV can help you lose a little bit of weight. A recent clinical trial shows that an ACV supplement along with a lower-calorie diet can help you lose more weight than the restricted diet alone.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough research with humans to determine how and when to take your ACV to make this type of weight loss happen, but the supplement itself is safe enough for most people to give it a try.

Blood sugar control

Many people with diabetes can use ACV gummies safely for better blood sugar control. A tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar can lower your blood sugar when you take it with meals, but use it with caution: This approach won’t make up for an already unhealthy diet or a lack of exercise

It’s important not to use ACV in any form in cases of diabetes, though, without speaking to your doctor first — especially if your kidneys aren’t healthy.

Digestive health

Vinegar has beneficial yeast and bacteria in it due to the fermentation process. ACV gummies can help your digestive system maintain a healthy level of “good” bacteria. 

These good bacteria help your intestines to function normally, fight off pathogens like viruses, and help your body make and process certain B-vitamins and vitamin K.


Eczema can be a mysterious condition, and the frustration over not knowing how to treat these itchy and scaly patches on the skin can lead some people to alternative health practices. Patients with eczema usually have skin with a higher pH level, so putting liquid apple cider vinegar directly on eczema patches may help balance the skin’s pH levels due to ACV’s high acidity. 

Taking ACV gummies, unfortunately, will probably not lead to the same results for this skin condition.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of ACV gummies?


Whether you drink apple cider vinegar diluted in water or pop a gummy or two with the rest of your daily vitamins is up to you. Apple cider vinegar gummies can provide you with the following benefits:

  • A portable, convenient source of ACV
  • The health improvements you’ll get from regular ACV, including small amounts of weight loss, better gut health, and improvement in blood sugar numbers
  • Other health-boosting vitamins that are included in the gummy with the ACV.


People who don’t like sweets — or the texture of gummies — may not love the idea of taking gummies. ACV gummies can be more costly than the bottled vinegar itself, and you may simply be signing yourself up for added sugar and the increased risk of cavities when you chow down on gummy vitamins every day.

Who should avoid ACV gummies?

People who have severe gastrointestinal or kidney issues

Apple cider vinegar can lower your potassium levels, wear away your tooth enamel, and upset your stomach if you take too much of it. It’s possible that ACV will worsen your acid reflux, and for people with kidney disease, ACV can actually be dangerous because your kidneys won’t be able to filter out the high amounts of acid found in vinegar.

People who have dental problems

Apple cider vinegar gummies, like most gummy vitamins and supplements, make the vitamin-taking process a more palatable experience. Unfortunately, the sugar included in many gummies — even health-promoting gummies — can stick to your teeth and contribute to the development of cavities much faster than chewable tablets or pills can. 

Try not to drink plain apple cider vinegar without diluting it in water first, and make it a point to rinse out your mouth or brush your teeth after consuming ACV liquid, chewable tablets, or gummies. If you are prone to cavities or you already have oral health issues, steer clear of ACV gummies and opt for a pill you can swallow instead.

Can you take ACV gummies every day?

It’s probably safe to take ACV gummies every day, but pay attention to the dose on your gummy bottle and don’t take more than the directions recommend. If you’re taking ACV gummies for a specific health issue such as weight loss, diabetes, or eczema, it might help to keep a journal of your symptoms during the time you take the supplement. This will help you know whether it’s working or not.

Apple cider vinegar gummies aren’t right for everyone, but in general, they are safe to take and can provide modest health benefits. Talk to your doctor if you need more guidance about ACV, supplements, and your health in general.


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