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More on Social Security

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Saving Social Security will be far harder this time than it was in 1983

Unlike nearly 40 years ago, today's problems mean red ink for eternity.

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Social Security checks on track for their biggest annual boost since 2009

Some modestly good news — if recent trends continue.

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Shoring up Supplemental Security Income would help many of the nation’s poorest

SSI, a relatively forgotten program, was enacted in 1972 and has withered

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Don’t believe these Social Security myths

Is it going broke? The authors of 'Social Security Works for Everyone!' dispel some popular misconceptions.

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‘Will Social Security be there when I retire?’ Confusion about this question is hindering saving for young people

The Social Security insolvency confusion may cost you money

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What Social Security’s COLA and the inflation spike have in common

The size of the COLA shouldn’t matter if purchasing power is maintained

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This Social Security blunder costs the average woman $130,000

Social Security is worth more than it seems

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When claiming Social Security at age 66 makes sense

The conventional wisdom to always wait until age 70 isn’t always right

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What happens to government workers who don’t receive Social Security?

New study shows that plans satisfy letter of the law but fall short on lifetime benefits

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Expand Medicare benefits? What public opinion says

Slightly more than half of U.S. adults support expanding Medicare benefits to include hearing, dental and vision care, according to a new survey.

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Why you need a living will and a healthcare directive

Make your wishes known when you can't speak for yourself

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Have you claimed Social Security and then gone back to work? You may face the ‘earnings test’

Don't fall afoul of the earnings test